That’s my Bag, Child!


Greetings and also salutations, my faithful readers! Let me inform you a little tale. I was out buying with some close friends recently (shock, shock) and also I had the strangest run-in. My close friends and also I went to Sak’s 5th Ave. to look into the most up to date developer handbags, and also we are all going crazy over this amazing brand-new bag from Coach. If you have actually checked out any one of my previous job, you would certainly understand that I am Coach’s greatest follower!

It was a lovely bag! It had amazing vintage designing, and also was created from the finest, most flexible caramel-colored natural leather. I was essentially salivating over this bag, as were my fellow customers. As I was evaluating the bag and also appreciating the outstanding multi-colored lining, I might notice that someone was peering over my shoulder. I reversed to find an additional female desiring the really bag I had in my hands.



At this factor, I was both irritated and also scared. I was irritated by having an unfamiliar person attack my individual area, and also terrified by the crazed and also maniacal search in her eyes. This female resembled an addict waiting on her following solution! In the past, I have actually covered my have problem with being a developer bag addict. It was, nevertheless, done in geniality and also I did use a particular quantity of imaginative decoration.


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This lady, on the various other hand, resembled she will strike me! I could not think it. Fortunately, I had some close friends with me. Otherwise, I think we might have had a catfight on our hands. Needless to claim, I made a rash retreat with my brand-new instructor bag. Later that night, I took a seat at my computer system to compose some brand-new duplicate for the website and also I had an actually difficult time forgetting this lady. It obtained me thinking of the larger photo, when it come to luxury customer products like developer fashion accessories.

Photo from saksfifthavenue.com

Why are individuals so oddly consumed with unimportant products? Why do we put such worth on motionless things? I am normally not one to think about developer handbags and also fashion accessories unimportant, due to the fact that I am definitely crazy with them. But in the larger photo that is truth, these are trivial issues. Handbags are merely something I have an interest in, and also discuss for my web site. Sure, I have extra bags than I might ever before potentially use. But I am much from being obsessed concerning them! Well…the majority of the moment.


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