Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Counterfeiting and also Piracy


1. Scrutinize tags, product packaging, and also components.

There is no foolproof way to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake; however, tags and product packaging can provide revealing clues. Look for missing out on or running out “use by” dates, damaged or missing safety and security seals, missing out on guarantee details, or otherwise uncommon product packaging. For bigger acquisitions, such as mechanical or digital devices, look for respectable vendors and also examine identification numbers with producer data sources.

If you buy medication from a brand-new supplier and it does not match the dimension, form, shade, preference, or adverse effects of your typical item, call your pharmacologist or the producer to identify if it originated from a reputable source. You can additionally confirm credibility by contrasting the producer’s call details with one more item’s product packaging, as addresses and contact numbers supplied with imitation products can be deceptive.


<2. Seek accredited sellers.

Companies typically release listings of accredited sellers on the internet or in product packaging. If you doubt whether a merchant got its items from a reputable representative, request proven details from the merchant regarding the source of the products. Familiarize yourself on your own with the distributors of retail electrical outlets and also urge your preferred shops to safeguard their supply chain. Trustworthy suppliers function within a safe circulation network that adheres to actions such as those released in the U.S. Chamber’s Supply Chain Tool Kit.


3. Watch for missing out on sales tax obligation fees.

Businesses trading in imitation products typically do not report their sales to monetary authorities—a distinction you might see in the rate you inevitably pay, specifically in states that gather sales tax obligations. If an acquisition rate does not show up to cover the called-for sales tax obligation or various other charges, you need to make additional inquiries regarding the rate and the resourcefulness of that business’s items prior to acquiring.


4. Insist on safe and secure purchases.

Operations selling imitation items are most likely to ignore the demand to transfer and also save client information in a safe fashion. Avoid buying if you are uncomfortable with the protection of the purchase. When doing business online, make certain that your payments are sent through websites that begin with https:// (the “s” represents safe and secure) and also look for a lock icon at the bottom of your web browser. When making purchases personally, search for guarantees that your bank card details do not show up on duplicates that can be messed up.



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5. Seek quality control in the second market.

You might desire to buy utilized or marked down items from a reseller. However, the distinctions between inexpensive product packaging and material abnormalities and fakes may not be as finely tuned. Avoid fakes in the second market by requesting information regarding your provider’s quality control procedures. Reputable and also trusted re-sellers have detailed evaluation and also verification treatments and also specialists to evaluate the devices they offer.


6. Report doubtful spam and also malfunctioning items.

Consumers can play an essential role in maintaining the marketplace without counterfeits by working as a resource of investigatory hints for U.S. brand-name proprietors. If you get spam that guides you to a dubious Web site, report the details to the brand’s proprietor and also to the authorities. If you believe you’ve acquired an imitation or pirated item, inform the brand name proprietor and also speak to the location of acquisition for an exchange or repayment. Report dangerous items to the Consumer Product Safety Commission by calling 800-638-2772. Many counterfeit and pirated products are the result of complex illegal production and distribution processes. If you believe a copyright criminal offense has occurred, report it to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.


7. Be vigilant when acquiring abroad.

While many international companies use unique items that are not readily available or difficult to find at home, in some international markets, imitation and also pirated items are far more common than in the United States. The U.S. Department of State releases travel advisories that might alert you to known fakes showing up in your country of residence. Be mindful that the U.S. Customs officials have the authority to seize counterfeit items upon reentry into the United States. Also, when purchasing on worldwide Web websites, search for reputable suppliers that utilize recognizable personal privacy and protection safeguards and also have genuine addresses.


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8. Teach your youngsters regarding fakes.

Educate your children on the dangers of counterfeit goods to their safety and security, as well as the resources of companies that manufacture the items they enjoy. Teach youngsters to patronize legal and secure sellers both in neighborhood shops and online. Watch for Internet sellers’ conformity with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which requires that internet companies utilize added safeguards to shield the individual details of individuals under 13. Finally, ask youngsters to talk to their moms and dads prior to handing out individual or household details online.


9. Warn loved ones of invalid item resources.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to spread information about dangerous and faulty items, as well as those who sell them. By discussing this issue, you may discover where your family members have discovered reliable, secure, cost-effective, and also genuine options.


10. Trust your reactions.

Always be wary of an acquisition that appears to be “too good to be true.” If you are uncomfortable with the terms of your acquisition—such as rate, location, the absence of a sales invoice or guarantee details, or, most importantly, a supplier’s refusal to respond to basic concerns about the source of the items for sale—use your common sense and also leave.

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